Choosing which company to work with for your home or office can be a difficult decision.  When it comes to the health of your family or your business's bottom line you need to be certain you're working with a team that shares your values, and has your best interests in mind. If not it could lead to big headaches down the road.  


We're the team that eliminates those headaches. 




There's no substitute for providing the best in everything you do, especially when it comes to something as fundamental as your drinking water.  We triple check our filters before installation, and monitor them to ensure nothing but the highest level of quality, and will never settle for anything  less.  Guaranteed.



Service comes first at H20Joe, and our team is invested in making sure our customers never have an issue, and if they do it's resolved immediately.  Our mantra is to treat our customers like we would family, so if there's a question or concern, day or night, we will always be there to help in whatever way we can.  That's just the H20Joe way.


Our core beliefs as a business include an undying dedication to this wonderful community that has given us so much.  Joe has personally been serving the Tucson community for over 40 years through his dedication to non-profits, charities and by helping local businesses.  And now we have the chance to bring that involvement on an even bigger scale.


So many other water companies see your drinking water as simply an add on to your total home system.  We specialize in drinking water, and drinking water alone.  More specifically, providing the best drinking water available.


You and your family deserve the best

And it all starts with the fundamentals

H20Joe's water is better because:


  • it's guaranteed to be the the highest quality by using our five-stage filtered Reverse Osmosis system which eliminates 95-98% of the harmful contaminants

  • 70% of your body is water, thus staying properly hydrated will keep you alert and focused 

  • has no contaminants associated with disposable plastic bottles or the BPA found in 5-gallon containers

  • we check your water purity regularly (bottled water is loosely regulated)

  • unlike bottled water, our systems are sealed and free of germs and bio film and slime

  • can be upgraded to alkaline system at minimal cost

  • better water means healthier digestion, more energy, easier weight loss, improved immune system, increased cognitive functioning, better hair and skin, and so much more


Water is the basis of all life, and when it is limited or compromised so is everything else.  Staying properly hydrated leads to better health, which in turn leads to greater happiness and an overall improvement in quality of life.  And ultimately that's what most important to you and your family, because we're all trying to live the best life possible, and we're here to help make that happen.

You and your family deserve the best

And it all starts with the fundamentals

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Bottled water is not only a senseless waste of space and money, but it can also lead to wrist, neck and back pain and injuries. Each 5 gallon bottle weighs 45 pounds, and office workers are not often ready to exert such effort, making it an unnecessary risk in the workplace.


Life is already full of too many headaches

There's no reason to pay extra for them

H20Joe's features and benefits include:


  • savings of up to 70% over bottled water

  • no equipment purchase necessary

  • no 45 pound 5-gallon bottles to move and store

  • a fixed monthly bill, which is all-inclusive and has no hidden charges 

  • a quick, one-time installation with no major plumbing required 

  • no delivery driver interrupting workflow and compromising security

  • preventative maintenance is performed every six months on a strict schedule and filter changes are included in your monthly fee

  • automatic payment options so you never have to think about it

  • a virtually unlimited supply of the purest, best tasting drinking water available at your fingertips 24/7

  • a local staff that's available and at your disposal when you need them

  • a 100% guarantee that it's the best tasting water available  



You care about your community like we do

And all the choices we make represent that 

When you're drinking with H20Joe you are:


  • working with a locally owned and operated business that's been serving Tucson for over twelve years

  • helping to keep harmful plastic bottles out of the oceans and landfills

  • reducing the carbon footprint of bottling companies that use up to 2 liters of petroleum to make a single bottle

  • joining a growing movement that does business with an eye towards bettering the environment

  • available to receive free environmentally friendly giveaways

  • saying no to corporate bottling companies that simply bottle municipal water and sell it back to the public at 1000 times the cost

  • helping create a greater consciousness about the environmental impact of our consumer habits before its too late

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Did You Know?...

  • bottling water produces 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide every year

  • 40% of all bottled water is taken from municipal sources?

  • there's a swirling mass of plastic debris in the pacific ocean that's twice the size of Texas

  • it takes two liters of oil and a liter of fresh water to make one plastic bottle

  • that the bottled water craze never existed until giant corporations like Coke and Nestle began to see their profits fall from soda

  •  a million plastic bottles are thrown away every minute

  • that 91% of plastic bottles never make to recycling



We've been serving Tucson and Greater Southern Arizona for 13 years now, and in that time have saved our customers thousands of dollars and kept until numbers of needless plastic bottles out of our landfills and oceans.   But we're just getting started, and are looking for your help to make an even bigger impact.  


Health and community have been priorities for Joe ever since he moved to Tucson 45 years ago.  In that time he managed to create a very successful business in the wireless industry, which he then used as a springboard to contribute to numerous charities and fundraising events.  Few people in the non-profit sector haven't heard of Joe, but it wasn't until his eyes were opened to the senseless waste of health and resources in the water industry that he decided to plant his flag and try to make a difference.  Now that's his mantra for the second part of his career.


It was a perfect fit for Mike when joe asked him to come aboard at H20Joe.  After having been part of the business community for over 40 years in Tucson he immediately recognized the incentive to help his customers save space, time and money, and streamline the efficiency of their offices.  And as an avid tennis player he also knows just how important proper hydration is to the human body, and its effectiveness in performance.  Although he no longer plays competitively, his history in sports has helped shape his passion for serving his clientele.


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