Frequently Asked Questions

- How does your water compare to bottled water?

Most bottled water companies use filtration systems very similar to our own reverse osmosis systems. Theirs, like ours remove nearly all the contaminants in the water, leaving water in its purest state. The biggest difference is that once their water is finished filtering, they fill a plastic container with it; leaching chemicals they just worked so hard to remove AND polluting the environment. Our water is filtered just before its point of use; preventing any chance of contamination and protecting our environment. 

- I am happy with my bottled service. Why should I switch to you?

There are many reasons to switch to our bottle-less system. 

  • With our systems providing virtually unlimited drinking water, they often end up costing less than the bottled service. 

  • The amount of storage space required to remain fully stocked with 5-gallon bottles can be very obtrusive; particularly if you are supplying water for a large office. 

  • Each large bottle of water weighs over 40 pounds; this is a lot of weight to put on the average office worker and can cause [avoidable] injuries.   

  • By reducing plastic waste, you are helping to prevent further damage to our environment. 

- I drink tap water. What makes your water better than the tap? 

Tap water quality can vary wildly depending on where you live. While generally considered safe, there are many contaminants that can still make it through the treatment process. After the filtration, the water must still travel many miles to get to you, potentially picking up chemicals and bacteria the entire way from old piping, etc.… Because of this, city water suppliers will often put other chemicals in their water to prevent bacterial growth, such as chlorine and fluoride. (both of which are removed by our systems). 

- Do your filters remove fluoride? 

Yes, a typical RO system will remove fluoride as well as many other contaminants. For a full list, please see

- How long do the filters last; how often do you need to change them? 

The life of the filters will depend on both the quality of the water going into them and the amount of usage the system is getting. For a residence, we typically recommend replacing the pre-filters once per year, and the membrane once every 3 years. 

- How much water does the RO system waste?

The membrane is so effective at its job of removing contaminants that excess water must be sent down the drain to wash all those contaminants away. 

- What does the installation consist of, and how long does it take?

In most cases, the installation is very simple and does not require any major plumbing work. It can usually be done in 90 minutes or less. We conduct a no-cost site visit prior to every installation.

- What if there is an issue with the system or a leak?

Not only do we include leak protection systems as a part of every unit, but we also pride ourselves on providing the best service in the industry. We have a 24-hour guarantee on all service calls including weekends.

- I like bottled water, why should I change?
  • Health

  • Convenience

  • Environment

  • Quality Drinking Water at Your Fingertips

- What if I need to move locations?

We understand the need for relocation at times and have a relocation/reinstallation program that we will customize for your home/business. 

- My only water source is in a bathroom; how does that work? And, is it sanitary?

As long as we have a source of water and a drain, we can make our systems work in almost any situation. The bathroom uses the same quality water as the rest of your home/office, and since our systems are completely sealed, there is no reason to be concerned about using water from a bathroom. 

 -Why buy from you instead of another water company?
  • Health

  • Convenience

  • Environment

  • Quality Drinking Water at Your Fingertips

  • 5-Star Customer Service

  • 13 Years of Supporting Local Businesses and Homes