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Bone Up On Your pH Balance

Updated: Mar 15

“Think of your bones like a tall building with scaffolding around it,” a doctor explained recently as we discussed Alkalinity.  “It might look static, but in reality things are always being worked on, and stuff is being added and taken away all the time.”  That scaffolding, he went on, is the body’s tissues, and if they’re deficient of alkalizing minerals such as calcium or magnesium then they’re going to do a lot more taking away then adding.

The analogy is a simple one, but it hits home.  His point was that basically any diet with high amounts of meats, cheeses, grains, preservatives, processed sugars and any other type of food that falls on the acidic side of the scale (which is the bulk of most diets in the western world) is going to result in the body having to neutralize the acidity to keep the balance of between 7.35 - 7.45 that the body requires.  One of the processes that do this is the withdrawal of minerals like calcium  and phosphorus, among others, from the bones to the body’s tissues to balance out the deficit, and help remove the toxins from the system.   

Over time this can lead to a loss in bone density, and even osteoporosis.  But just remember - that scaffolding can work both ways, and it’s never too early to start looking out for your health down the road, and never too late to start making better choices for our bodies.  As we learn more and more about how our bodies actually work and the importance that pH plays on so many levels people are discovering more and more commonsense approaches to staying healthy.  For instance - avoid or figure out positive ways to deal with stress.  Duh, you might say, but did you know that stress has been proven to directly lead to a more acidic condition in the body?  It’s simply incredible how it all relates.

Unfortunately, stress is something we all have to tackle individually, as are our diets.  But your diet is something we can actually help you with.  If you aren’t already following the guidelines of the 80-20 diet (eighty percent of the diet being alkalinizing foods, such as leafy greens, vegetable and fruits, and the other being acidic, i.e. just about everything else) then it might really be worth your while to look into it and consider whatever changes make sense to you.  Alkaline mineral water is one way to supplement the diet with healthy hydration and important minerals, and something we offer for a fraction of the cost of those designer bottles you see on the store shelves.  If your interested in more information, please check out our page on Alkaline Water, or each out directly at 520-370-2255 and H20Joe would be happy to fill you in!

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