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It's Time For Alkaline

Updated: Mar 15

July 11, 2018

We all know that staying properly hydrated is important, but what few people think about is the pH levels of their drinking water, and the benefits that drinking Alkaline water can have for our health.  Our bodies are finely tuned machines with millions of interrelated things going on all the time, and even just a tenth of one percent improvement in it’s pH levels can have a dramatic effect in ways you might not have ever thought of before. 

The human body is always trying to heal itself and return to its natural metabolic state, and to do this it needs to maintain proper pH levels of its certain functions.  So while the skin, for instance, might be slightly acidic, the blood is slightly alkaline.  Keeping these levels balanced within certain range is absolutely crucial, so to maintain them the body has to use energy and resources it otherwise wouldn’t if we are ingesting things that aren’t coinciding with that mission.  So a diet that is hight in dark leafy greens and vegetables, which are Alkaline, is generally considered good for you, while one high in sugar, red meat, and preservatives, which are all acidic, is not. Soda, coffee, and sports drinks are also very acidic and can be hard on your health - and your breath!  

Fortunately, Alkaline Water is a great way to counter the unhealthy side effects of our modern diet.  The studies are still rolling in, but staying hydrated with Alkaline Water has been credited with boosting the immune system, slowing the aging process, weight loss, improved complexion, and helping prevent osteoporosis.  Harmful free radicals are neutralized in an alkaline state, and doctors have often recommended Alkaline Water to help with cancer patients and people struggling with arthritis.  And many people drink Alkaline Water because it improves digestion, and for the energy boost they receive for having a more hydrated and better balanced system.

But many of these same people are spending upwards of $5 a gallon and driving long distances to get their water, and that’s just expensive, inconvenient, and unnecessary.  With  one of our new Alkaline Water filters you can enjoy the benefits of a virtually unlimited supply of Alkaline Water from the convenience of your own home, and for a fraction of the cost.  To find out how, or to learn more about the incredible benefits of pH balanced water, contact us today, and take your first step towards a healthier, happier and more hydrated you!

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