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Shed Weight With A Balanced pH!

Updated: Mar 15

So what do our bodies’ pH levels have to do with our weight?  Quite a lot, actually.  Put simply, our bodies constantly need energy, and the waste product in energy production is acidic.  When there’s too much acidity in the body that waste can’t easily be excreted through the four ways our bodies’ regulate themselves - respiration, perspiration, defecation and urination.  So as an adaptive measure it stores those acids and toxins in fat, and parks them on our waistlines, thighs, hips, breasts, and - yes - the buttocks.  

Which would be a serious bummer (pardon the pun) but knowledge is power, so the next time we chow down on a fatty hamburger (acidic) we can have a better sense of why we are suddenly feeling so much more sluggish and lethargic than if we had just eaten a big, leafy salad (alkaline).  As your body tries to break down and metabolize everything there’s countless little functions going on to help the body with the process, and pH plays a huge part in it.  The same concept applies with whether we drink a soda (highly acidic) or a glass of Alkaline mineral water.  In one of these situations our body will be happy with us, in the other it won’t.

But as most of us have experienced, our modern world can make staying fit and trim feel like a never-ending challenge.  Generally speaking we are less active and more stressed than ever before, and constantly exposed to a lot more unhealthy things in our diet.  Take a moment to google the pH scale of foods, and you’ll find that many of the principles of the American diet - like meat, processed sugars, caffeine, cheese, and alcohol, to name a few - are on the acidic side of the scale.  Add that to a more sedentary lifestyle and the fact that stress itself can create and acidic condition in the body, then it’s no wonder why America has a waistline problem.

The good news though is that we’re living in a new age of enlightenment, with a greater understanding of our bodies and the beautiful and complex way they work than ever before. More than ever people are paying attention to what they ingest, how they work out, and how their lifestyles effect their health.  The correlation between mental and physical health is no longer being ignored by the medical industry, and more and more people are turning to holistic choices and natural cures, and avoiding the preservatives and man-made pitfalls of the past.  It’s an encouraging embrace of the simple truth that our bodies are wonderfully elaborate mechanisms that are perfectly in-tune with what they need, if we just take the time to listen.

To learn more about the health benefits of alkaline mineral water please visit out Alkaline Water Page, or contact us directly at 520-370-2255 and we'd be happy to field any questions you might have! 

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