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The Alkaline Boost

Updated: Mar 15

One of the benefits of Alkaline Water that has so many people talking is the boosted energy levels people feel when they incorporate water with elevated levels of pH into their diet.  Lebron James swears by it, reportedly ordering dozens of cases of bottles at a time, and Mark Wahlberg has gone so far as to invest in his own water company.  When asked why during an interview on CNBC he reported that during training for a movie he noted a dramatic decrease in inflammation and adding an extra two miles to his runs every day, with the only difference being the water he was drinking.

So how does alkaline water boost your energy levels?  Well to begin with, a dehydrated body is a fatigued body.  No surprise there, but what most people don’t know is that water comes in clusters of molecules, and that by increasing the level of pH of the water the cluster count is reduced.  This results in greater permeability within the cells to quickly hydrate and replenish.  Alkaline water also takes it a step further by neutralizing the acidity in the bloodstream, leading to increased oxygen levels and helping it to deliver nutrients to the body more efficiently, providing more energy throughout the day.  

To look at it in a less technical way, consider this:  the human body has to maintain a blood pH of about 7.35 to function properly,  which is slightly alkaline.  Normal tap water is about 7, and many parts of the modern diet are on the acidic side.  Meat, cheese, coffee, alcohol, refined sugars, preservatives and even things like eggs and fish are all on the acidic side of the spectrum.  So our bodies constantly have to expend a certain amount of energy to keep the balance, and the more we can help it out by adding alkalinity to our diets the more efficient it can operate.  Just like a farmer needs to carefully monitor the soil for the proper pH for their crops to grow, and an aquarium has to maintain the water at a certain pH for the fish to survive - we need to be more conscious of the effect pH has on our bodies.  

But while we share Mr. Wahlberg’s enthusiasm for alkalinity, we are not fans of needless plastic bottles, nor should anyone be who has seen the devastating effects it has had on our oceans and landfills.   Plus at $4 a bottle the prices are outrageous.  Fortunately, with H20Joe filters added to your tap water you can enjoy a virtually unlimited supply of alkaline water from the convenience of your own home.  To find out more give us a call today, and we’ll be happy to work with you to get you on your way to a new, more energized you!

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